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This site is intended to help Fantasy War Gamers find resources for Warmaster by Games Workshop

A particular focus is on providing modifications to the base rule set to enable Warhammer Fantasy players use their existing 28mm armies with a cleaner, more elegant rule set. Learn More


Why would someone want to play Warmaster with Warhammer figures? I played Warhammer for over 8 years, since 6th Edition came out. I have over 8000 points of painted Orcs and Goblins,  but have grown increasingly disillusioned with the unbalanced armies and list tweaking that goes on. 8th Edition is the final nail in the coffin for me. I want to win by tactics, not by having uber units crush all comers. The tendency to massive monsters and crushing magic diminished the game, so I looked at alternatives and found Warmaster. I wasn't going to paint up an another set of armies, but wanted to see if I could use what I already had.

Warmaster has a great reputation as a game that  emphasizes command and is a lot of fun. I want to play big battles, not large skirmishes, which is what WHFB often feels like. While doing Google searches of 'Warhammer Alternatives', I came across the Sodemons Website (well worth checking out) and that set things in motion. Sodemons used double the standard Warmaster distances and rules, combined with Warhammer figures. For most people this size is too much. I have a 5' x 9' table and it would still be too much for me. I have settled on a factor of 1.5 times the published distances and created Quick Reference Sheets to reflect that. The result is a very playable game. I hope you enjoy it.


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