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Comparison with Warhammer
Warmaster DownUnder A great intro article, army lists, battle reports and more
Sodemon's Siege of Karak Azul Huge demonstration games with Warhammer figures and Warmaster Rules.
Sodemon's St Gerda's Fest.
Sodemon's Battle of Five Armies
Sodemon's Warmaster 28 Events Page

Felix's Gaming Pages a feast of Warmaster goodies"It's no little Warhammer", other comments and resources

Polish Warmaster (This is and subsequent links have been translated by Google)

Warmuster Fanzine and play test community

Specialist Games Forum (Scroll Down for the Warmaster Forum)

Warmaster on Yahoo Groups

WarSeer Forum (Warmaster Topics)

Warmaster.FR an excellent  and active French forum. ('Translated' by Google)

WargamerAU Forum. An Australian forum

Rick Priestley's Website

Picture Archive (10mm)

GW Website Resources Note; the Living Rule Book combines and integrates these updates these files into one document


Examples of Play
Battle Reports
My House Rules
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Ogrim Doombringers Warmaster28mm


Much more to come. Battle reports, pictures....